Claudette Moloney, MA

Claudette Moloney,CNA was a true blessing to have caring for my wife, because of her competence, tenderness and compassion during these last 3 1/2 months, until Hospice reinstated care.

James Caldwell

Our mom was given particularly great care by Claudette Moloney of Boulder Home Health, whose  dementia expertise kept her stimulated to the end. Mom’s spirit soared under Claudette’s care and the sweet friendship between them will live in our hearts forever

Tracy Schneider and family

I had the great pleasure of working with Claudette for two years at the Boulder Charles Smart Home with Imagine!. She embodies integrity, punctuality, and genuine care in all aspects of her work. Although Claudette and I were both Residential Counselors I always looked up to her and learned a great deal about the people and the job from simply watching her and running shifts with her. If I could describe Claudette in three words they would be caring, responsible, and trustworthy. She has been a joy to know and work with.

Maximum Gatz; coworker, Imagine!

I have worked with Claudette for the past couple of years. She is tlca very diligent worker who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. You can see how she has such passion for her job on each shift through her hard work, the ideas she presents to her superiors, and stepping up when there is a need for extra staffing. I enjoy working with Claudette because I always can trust that she will complete all her tasks on each shift. Not only does she complete her tasks but if she finishes before her shift is over she is always more then welcome to help her coworkers finish their tasks. Claudette is the kind of worker that other people look up to.

Shannon Bundy, Site Supervisor, Imagine!

Claudette understands the Person Centered approach to caregiving that is so essential to everything Imagine! does. She takes time to get to know each consumer she works with and tailors her care and activities to that person. She is very careful in carrying out daily routines and ensures quality as well as safety when assisting clients in preparing for the day.

Chantelle Tweten, Site Supervisor, Imagine!

Claudette is always attentive, personable and fully present during the time she is with me. She completes all assigned tasks in the allotted time.

Bill C., client

Claudette is an exceptional caregiver. Not only does she fulfill her clients basic needs with enthusiasm and joy, but if ever there is a free moment she takes it upon herself to engage anyone willing in activities such as reading, puzzles, crafts, outings,  etc. I have not see this level of personal initiative in any of my other coworkers. She genuinely enjoys her work and always brightens the day of those she is caring for.  Claudette is more than capable of helping clients with a range of needs, both physical and behavioral. I could not more highly recommend Claudette as a caregiver. She is truly one-in-a-million.

Joseph Tonelli, Assistant Site Supervisor, Imagine!

We really appreciate the extra support services Mom is getting. Nursing homes can be very sad situations and I feel grateful that her life is a much higher quality with Claudette involved. I breathe a sigh of relief everyday when I think of her being there and am so happy our family has provided this for our mom.



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