Healthcare in your Home by a Certified Nurse’s Aide

Claudette Moloney, MA

I started Boulder Home Health Care as a way to offer quality health care at affordable prices.   In an increasingly impersonal world, I want to provide services in a way that makes each client feel special and addresses the whole person. I travel to wherever I am needed; private homes, assisted/independent   living facilities, or hospitals.

To that end, I not only provide the basics of personal care, but bring in music, books, and activities tailored to the individual client’s interests.  One example: for some of my clients, brushing one’s teeth, dressing, and other ADLs are much more fun when listening to The Wizard of Oz; others prefer classical music.

I provide home health care that is truly all about you. Whether it is a beloved parent, spouse or child or you, yourself, needing assistance, each of my home visits is personalized in a way that provides joy.

I invite you to read more by exploring this website: and look forward to hearing how I might meet your home health needs.

Claudette with Pumpkin


All About You